What I Do

What I Do

I’m Richard “Dick Deluxe” Egner, a musician/singer songwriter/composer based in New Orleans, Louisiana. I’ve been performing and recording since the mid 1970’s and am as active today as I have ever been.

This essay will hopefully serve to help clarify “what I do” specifically for the benefit of those who may choose to book me at their club, house concert, festival or whatever the case may be. Over the years I have appeared in many guises if you will and I think this has contributed to some confusion over what my performances consist of these days.

I perform solo, in duos (a format I’m particularly fond of), with a “power” trio and I front my band the Dick Deluxe Revue which is an ever changing combination of the best musicians in the locale in which I’m performing.

I play acoustic (classical guitar but not classical music) and electric guitar, mandolin, electric bass and am resurrecting my trombone chops for fun street parade types gigs around New Orleans. I sing and am a “front” man most often though I also occasionally work as a “sideman”.

So I will detail what to expect in these formats and will provide links to performances so you may gauge for yourselves whether I fit the needs you have for musical entertainment.

In my weekly solo gig at House of Blues New Orleans (The Blues Lunch w Dick Deluxe Fridays 11:30AM til 2:30PM) I sing and play my Cordoba classic acoustic guitar which contains a pickup I plug into a direct box.

I take pride in presenting a “history of the blues” largely featuring tunes by the artists whose portraits stare down on the crowd form above. I have a very large repertoire and especially enjoy finger picking 3 parts simultaneously to keep bass, chords and fills going while I sing and while improvising keeping 3 parts lively.

I do rags, Piedmont style tunes, delta style ( no slide or open tunings though) and West Coast style. I also interpret a few Sousa marches, some New Orleans tunes and even the odd Ramones tune

At other solo gigs (typically “singer songwriter” events) I perform my original material from my two currently in release albums and some unreleased material. I’m a prolific songwriter with 100 plus copyrights.

I also am very fond of the duo format. I have been fortunate to have done this with artists ranging from James Moody to Rod Hodges of the Iguanas, Steve Mackay of the Stooges and chromatic harmonica genius Bill Barrett.

I have discovered that truly great musicians require little to no rehearsal especially in this format. It’s always a great voyage of discovery when making musical connections with other artists. I find this format to work very well as mid week residency wherein I rotate players each week to keep it fresh and fun for all.

As a trio I usually emphasize different aspects of my music depending on if the bass is acoustic or electric. When accompanied by an electric bassist my trios tend to be more “power” trio in nature, both in volume and energy as well as material selection, With an acoustic bass I tend to play more acoustic and also perhaps play more swing and jazz oriented although I do not like to put labels on the music,

As the Revue grows from three up to ? ( I think 12 was the biggest!) I tailor the material and presentation once again to the location, players I have and the format. I would obvious feature the more blues oriented material at a blues festival and more folk at a folk fest and more jam at a jam band event. Also the ratio of original material to interpretation varies per event.

I tend to for example do more “New Orleans” material outside of New Orleans than when performing in New Orleans where so much NOLA music is played and my other material is more novel and a relief even perhaps,

The bottom line is, ala perhaps a QB in the NFL, I survey what the situation is-where I’m playing, for whom and who is in the band and how well they know my material, etc prior to calling tunes. My “set lists” are largely determined by what I see and feel and can react to-excepting of course tightly constructed festival type shows with a time limit, etc.

I encourage you to browse the web site (dickdeluxe.com) for samples of my stylings in various formats solo and with others. In an era when tightly defined genres are the norm, I take great pride in being able to present a broad range of music in a variety of settings.