Month: November 2016

Project Notes: Turning 61 on Highway 61

Turning 61 on Highway 61

Music, of course, requires no explanation-indeed of all the arts perhaps music is the most universally understood and crosses all cultural barriers. In any event I thought I would, for those interested, share some of my thoughts on the creation of my new song cycle “Turning 61 on Highway 61”. The term “song cycle” is […]

Dick profile in

Was fortunately the subject of a flattering profile on by Laura DeFazio an up and coming young writer.  Thanks to all! Original post here. Dick Deluxe and Jimmy Sweetwater are “SweetDeluxe.” Photo by The Artist Formerly Known As Cricket Dick Deluxe Does New Orleans: SweetDeluxe and More July 27, 2015 by: Laura DeFazio Leave […]

Ballad of Snakefinger

An essay I contributed to the Found SF project documenting a small slice of my 80’s……..finally able to correct the photo credit to Christina Alicino who is part of the story.. The Ballad of Snakefinger Historical Essay by Dick Deluxe Snakefinger (Philip Lithman) on guitar. a personal memoir from colleague and friend Dick Deluxe Philip […]